Happy April Fools’ day. I was looking through some of the releases and thought maybe I could consolidate the list of Jokes from or related to Microsoft.

Here are the list of Microsoft April Fools’ Jokes in 2012

  1. Windows Phone Pager

Quote from Windows Phone Fanpage__

“Introducing Windows Pager. Meet our newest mobile device. Coming 2014… give or take a few months.”

Source: Windows Phone Fanpage – Windows Phone Pager Photo

  1. Assassin Creed for Kinect (Fanmade Video)

At first look, you might think that this an official April Fools video. But if you check out the uploader’s description of the video, it is declared that this is a fanmade video made without support from the “Assassin Creed, Kinect or Wii”.

Source : Assassin Creed for Kinect on Youtube

  1. Windows Phone Zombie Apocalypse

Quote from Image__

“Only Windows Phone comes Zombie Plan Ready out of the box. Use the People hub to keep your band of survivors connected with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn built in. Pin your favourite apps to your Start screen to get instant updates on road conditions, weather and CDC bulletins”

Source: Windows Phone Fanpage – Zombie Apocalypse Photo

  1. Commandline Skydrive (This actually works)

I was thinking this is just another April Fools’ Joke, but it seems that the basic functionality on the commandline skydrive is actually working. You can login into your live account and list down the directories in your skydrive account!

Source: windowsteamblog
Link to working commandline skydrive

  1. Skype for String

Quote from Skype.com

“Skype for String is an experimental version of Skype that doesn’t require a direct internet connection. You can now speak to your friends for free, without the need for a computer or mobile device.”

Source : Skype Website