Users of LUIS, or Language Understanding Intelligent Service on might have recently received a message “The programmatic API keys will no longer be used in the endpoint starting 31/12/2016!”.

If you are searching for some information on this notice, here are some guidance regarding the notice.

There will be a deprecation of the endpoint in the following format.{appid}&subscription-key={subkey}&q={utterance}
If you are using SDK, you shouldn’t be affected as the SDK (updated ones) should be using header authentication.
*Corrections as of 17th Oct

It’s the type of key that it will accept that will be deprecated.
LUIS will now accept 2 types of keys,

  1. IBIZA (Azure portal) generated key
  2. LUIS Portal generated key
    a. This key type will deprecated for the endpoint on 31st Dec 2016 (
    b. It will still be working for (

Do ensure your SDK and code is updated before 31st Dec 2016 nonetheless.

Here are some actions you should do. At point of this blog, free tier provides you 5 calls per second, up to 10k calls per month.

  1. Request for a new key on Azure portal. Refer to the process at creating keys
  2. Change the way you are doing authentication to use authorization headers. Generally speaking, the preferred way is to use ‘Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key’ and ‘subscription key’ pair
    For more samples, refer to this documentation page
  3. Update your code and republish.

This only affects customers who are doing raw http queries using querystring without authentication header, as demonstrated below{appid}&subscription-key={subkey}&q={utterance} using keys generated from LUIS Portal.