Today something was stumbled upon in NUS at LT 15.

Unlike the traditional vending machine, this one was surrounded by Photographers and Videographers with professional equipment.

Yeap, thats right. Its a viral marketing campaign from Coca-Cola targeting the student audiences in Singapore. A simple machine it might look, but it draws pretty large amount of attention and crowd when someone is attempting to hug the machine.

Being technical I would try my best to guess how this Hug Me Machine works.

On the sides (both left and right) of the door (check out the video for clicking sound), there are switches. While they appear to be part of the door frame, they are actually large elongated clickable buttons then dispense drinks when clicked.

Oh, here’s a video of the Coke Hug Me Machine in action.


  1. The agency responsible was Ogilvy & Mather, Singapore
  2. Mashable’s coverage on [Coke Hug Me Machine][3]

[3]: Updated* The agency responsible was Ogilvy & Mather, Singapore