Hi, I’m Tan Chun Siong and 30 Days of Azure is a new project I’ve started as a challenge to build more resilient services by adopting these strategies and philosophy

  1. adopting and modifying patterns and practices
  2. new services released on Azure on a regular basis
  3. Indirection of “Any problem in computer science can be solved with one additional layer of indirection.”
  4. “Never send a human to do a computer’s work” – donovan brown

The final infrastructure which this wordpress site resides on, should (hopefully) stand up against service failures and unexpected maintenance and possibly disasters in specific regions. To make it more challenging and I’ll be getting my colleague Sannya Dang to work on the same challenges, hoping that there will be slightly different outcome

The Philosophy of this experiment

explores creativity when different individuals are working on similar set of problems. This requires thinking in a complex manner on seemingly simple task. Not planning ahead would give you hours of fun at the later part of these challenges.

Yes I’m definitely interested to find out how other Solution Architects might design their Cloud infrastructure, their rational behind their thought processes, and utilize these are reference points to improve my own.

Expected outcome of this experiment

is to have fun. That is the most important point. Secondly we hope that readers of 30daysofazure site and Sannya’s site will be learn something new, and architecture their infrastructure with a complex thought process.